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"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." - Cicero

**NEW!** This site has actually been updated in 2012!** Click on the links below to tour our garden photos:

My new Greenhouse arrived!

Japanese Garden at the Arboretum - February 18, 2012

Portland Japanese Garden - June 2009

Portland Chinese Garden - June 2009

Spring Garden, April 2008

Gaiser Conservatory, Spokane, WA - January 2008

New Lawn Barrier and Garden Beds - April 2005

Springtime has arrived in our Greenhouse! - February 2005

New Fan and Heater for Greenhouse - January 2005

Our Garden, Early July 2004

New brick lawn barrier!

Our Garden, Mid June 2004

Rose Garden at the Woodland Park Zoo, June 6, 2004

Our Garden, Early April 2004

A Winter Ski to the Volunteer Park Conservatory

Japanese Garden at the Arboretum

Dahlia Gardens at Volunteer Park

Summer Garden Tour with Nan, Todd, and Andrew

Our garden August 6, 2003

Conservatory at Volunteer Park

Plants I want to get my green thumbs on

The greenhouse in my future


Hanging pots



Urban gardening presents unique challenges. I started getting serious about it when the only space available was a 6' by 10' by 7', third-floor balcony receiving only eastern exposure. Because of this, most plants in my garden at that time were chosen for:

1). their smallness,

2). their ability to tolerate moderate amounts of shade, and

3). how interesting they looked to me before I bought them. (I can't ALWAYS be bound by light and size requirements!)

Some friends remarked that it was a virtual "Hobbiton". I wish I had photos of how absolutely packed it got with just about every herb or perennial plant City People's (a local plant retailer) carried that had the word 'dwarf' or 'elfin' in the description. They were spilling out over the balcony, out of egg cups from Pier 1, terra cotta pots of all shapes and sizes, hanging baskets and pots, and bonsai trays. You could probably say it became a low-grade obsession for me while in school. It was an out from the intensity of first and second years. It is still a refreshing escape from the stresses of daily life to smell dirt and get muddy, although life has gotten much calmer the last couple of years.

Someday I hope to have a greenhouse at least 16' by 24'. See the link for "greenhouse in my future" to see the details of what I am scheming.